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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What to See when Visiting the Páramos of Mérida, Venezuela

Mérida the capital of Merida State, is located in Venezuela, at the foot of the Andes, only fifteen kilometers from Venezuela's highest point. It is the center for outdoor activities in Venezuela.

The Teleférico is the city's main attraction. It's the worlds longest and highest cablecar. For a mere Bs.55,000 (25 US$) it will lead you to Pico Espejo (4765m) with two stops on the way. It's best to
pick a clear day and go in the morning as early as possible to avoid queues. Many travelers go up on the teleferico, and then descent via mules, hiking and SUVs. This means that during the busy season, upward tickets may be sold out days in advance, but this can be circumvented by reversing the trip. Typically, locals in SUVs will wait in the morning near the base of the teleferico to drive tourists up to Los Nevados for $15US, where mules can be hired for the final ascent. The top is usually covered in clouds later in the day. Take warm clothes.

El Teleférico, Merida, Venezuela

Touring El Paramo

Merida offers the largest and most beautiful views in Venezuela. El Paramo takes you through rivers and streams, petted by cool winds from the mountains. Here are some places that you must explore as you experience El Paramo.

La Casa de Juan Molinero

To enjoy the magic of the Andean landscape, you must visit Casa de Juan El Molinero, located 25 kilometers from the city of Merida, near Cacute.

The haunted house of Juan Molinero, who legend has it built his house disobeying one of the teachings of his father and built on sloping ground. It is here that visitors will witness the defying of the laws physics. Show various rooms where the visual effect is impressive, so in this photograph, you could see how billiard balls roll up instead of down totally defying the law of gravity. La Casa Encantada de Juan el Moliero is something definately worth seeing!

Monumento del Perro Nevado 

Monumento del Perro Nevado

Nevado (1813? – 1821) was a Mucuchies dog that was given to Simón Bolívar by the local people of Mucuchíes, Mérida, in the Venezuelan Andes. It was given as a kind of present shortly after the Battle of Niquitao during his triumphal Admirable Campaign from New Granada (today Colombia) to Caracas in 1813. Bolivar's army was approaching a farm when the independence fighters were stopped in their tracks by a giant, barking guard dog. Weapons drawn, the rebels were about to kill the dog when Bolivar, marveling at its beauty and bravery, ordered them to back down. Nevado always ran beside Bolívar’s horse, no matter if he traveled through cities or battlefields. Nevado died in the Battle of Carabobo on June 24, 1821. When Bolívar received news that Nevado was badly injured, he rushed to the dog, but he came too late.

Several monuments to Nevado stand at the entrance of Mucuchíes town.

Capilla de Piedra


Capilla de Piedra

If you're looking for an experience at 3,142 meters above sea level it's well worth visiting the Stone Chapel in the town of San Rafael de Mucuchíes.
This chapel was built entirely by hand during the years 1980-1984 and declared cultural heritage of Venezuela. It is made up of rocks, shells and corals.

It is named after its founder, the artist Juan Felix Sanchez.

Monumento de la Loca Luz Caraballo


Loca Luz Caraballo

The Monumento de la Loca Luz Caraballo is a statue located in a square in the "Parque loca Luz Caraballo" in Apartaderos, the small Andean town in Merida which is also the highest in elevation in Venezuela. Located at an altitude of about 3,500 meters (11483 feet) is the highest town of Venezuela. The momument is the 1967 work of 1967 Spanish artist Manuel de La Fuente , who settled in the city of Merida from 1959 until his death.

La Loca Luz Caraballo is a character of the Venezuelan popular culture of the region of the Andes of Mérida State and immortalized in literature by the Venezuelan writer and poet Andrés Eloy Blanco.
Legend has it that Luz Caraballo was a woman who lived in the independence era, crazy with anger at losing her five children: a female who was kidnapped, two men died of hunger and thirst, while the other two went behind a man on horseback (presumably case of Simon Bolivar ).

The figure of Luz Caraballo, dressed in rags, unkempt, with fingers and long, wrinkled feet, her arm pointing toward the horizon with finger indicating a path, according to legend Spaniards approached Caraballo to ask the route he had taken Bolivar and she indicated the opposite way. Children in the region of the moor recited visitors the famous poem.

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