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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Captain Hook Pirate Themed Dinner Cruise in Cancun

The Captain Hook Pirate & Show in Cancun also known as the Captain Hook Dinner Cruise is a fun for all ages, family oriented adventure dinner cruise that will be especially enjoyed by kids! There are three Captain Hook boats. El Galleon I, El Bucanero II and The Black Pearl are 18th Century authentic Spanish Galleon replicas. Built in Spain, the Galleons are 93ft in length and each have a capacity for 285 passengers.

Combining the history of piracy with the luxury and sophistication of 21st Century technology, the galleons are equipped with state of the art sound & video systems and fully air-conditioned areas. An indoor salon is perfect for romantic dinning with a spacious outer deck and upstairs area providing the ideal setting to view beautiful Cancun or enjoy lively dancing al fresco.

In 1992, El Galleon I, was commissioned by The Bahamas Quin-centennial committee and used to reenact the 1492 landfall of Christopher Columbus at the Island of San Salvador, Bahamas, receiving worldwide media coverage.

The Captain Hook boats cruise the bay area between Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

(Watch Video at the end of the article!)

 Key Highlights of this Dinner Cruise

  •     A fantastic pirate adventure not to be missed
  •     Dine on board a replica pirate ship dated back to the 18th Century
  •     Witness a real life pirate attack
  •     Delicious steak or lobster buffet included as well as drinks!
  •     Served by pirates for the entire evening – perfect for kids!

Amazing, Fun, and a Great Value for your money!

If you are going to Cancun then the Captain Hook Dinner Cruise is a must tour for you. Sumptuous food, hilarious entertainment, silly games and a full open bar make this tour one of the most popular things to do on your Cancun vacation or holiday.

During your dinner, pirates will provide you with personal service and soft music. Captain Hook's pirates will entertain you with tales of their past pirate escapades. As dark falls, watch your ship light up and sail out to sea on a pirate adventure. Your dinner includes your choice of lobster, chicken, steak or Surf & Turf (make your selection at the time of booking,) dinner fit for a pirate. Enjoy cooked vegetables, salad, baked potato, rice and dessert. Non-paying children enjoy a grilled chicken entree. Sip drinks from the domestic open bar.

 After dinner your Captain Hook dinner cruise ship will be boarded by a competing band of Pirates and the battle begins as they put on a swashbuckling show giving you plenty of opportunities to take action pictures and videos. The open bar commences, as do the fun and games, as you board the Captain Hook ship. Take to the dance floor as the boat heads back to shore after about 3 hours of pirate-themed adventure.

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. In winter, a light sweater is recommended for the cool ocean breezes. The Captain Hook dinner Cruise includes: buffet dinner served on-board, red and white domestic wine served during dinner, continuous entertainment by the ship's crew, domestic open bar on board, disco music for dancing and more. So if you really want to enjoy one of the best tours on your vacation or holiday, you don't want to miss the Captain Hook dinner Cruise in Cancun and make this a memorable vacation. So matey, if you are looking for the best themed cruise in Cancun, then let the party begin!

You should reserve your Captain Hook Dinner Cruise before you arrive in Cancun as it has become extremely popular since the Johnny Depp movies Pirates of the Caribbean. So visit Isango.com for online reservations.

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