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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fun Facts About Ireland You May Not Have Known

Although Ireland is a small country compared to other countries around the world, it has a long history and lots of culture. Ireland has a good mixture of people, including both urban and rural communities, Catholic and Protestant religious groups, Irish and English speaking people, and a population that consists of native Irish folk and immigrants from abroad.

The Irish have contributed many things to worldwide culture throughout the years. For holidays, Saint Patrick's Day is a well known holiday that has Irish roots. The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland that can now be found in other places around the world. As far as folklore and fantasy is concerned, the Leprechaun is one well known contribution to world literature. Ireland is also known for potatoes and pubs.

Trivia is always fun to know; and sharing trivia about countries is always interesting. Ireland is already an interesting country, and here is some fun information that will change your view about Ireland and make you realize how fun it truly is.

Dublin Zoo
Want to be in touch in nature? Opened in 1831 the  Dublin Zoo is the second oldest zoo in Europe and the third-oldest zoo in the world!

It may be a little tricky, but upon closer look, windmills in Ireland turn clockwise. What's different? All windmills around the world just happen to turn the other way around, they all turn counter-clockwise.

Andrew Jackson
Born in an immigrant ship and whose parents are from a place called County Antrim in Europe, former US President Andrew Jackson is considered to be the only US president who was not born in US.

In the field of agriculture, Ireland was actually the first country in Europe to grow potatoes as a staple.

John Tydall

John Tydall is known in the scientific world to be the first scientist who was able to explain why the sky is colored blue.

While in most countries the emergency code 911 is being used, in Ireland they use 999 or 112 instead.

Considered to be the longest and oldest in the world, Céide Fields which is located in County Mayo, is a large field system that can be found in Ireland. In fact, throughout County Mayo there is a wealth of archaeological remains from the Neolithic period (approx 4,000BC to 2,500BC), particularly in terms of megalithic tombs and ritual stone circles.

The US One Hundred Dollar bill ($100) may be accepted in most countries for exchange, but in Ireland, most banks do not accept this US bill.

An old Irish symbol, called "Seamroy" (The Shamrock)  is believed to be the symbol of the blessed trinity for Irish people.

Irish Pub in New York City
On demographics, it is said that 35% of the people in Australia are of Irish descent. The US is no stranger to this as around 40 million people in US are also of Irish descent.

Saint Patrick's Day parade in Dublin, Ireland
March 17 is a special day for Ireland. The day is considered to be St. Patrick's Day, and at the same time, this is the day they celebrate the National Day of Ireland as well.

Every country has their own uniqueness that differentiates it from other countries. It is always good to learn about others so you can widen your understanding about the world. Ireland truly has a lot to offer to the world. Their wonderful customs, friendly people, delicious food and natural wonders will truly be appreciated the world over.

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