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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Celebrate Maine Maple Sunday, a Statewide Event of all things Maple

 If you're in the northeastern part of the United States near the end of March and looking for a short weekend getaway, why not shoot up to the State of Maine where the annual event "Maine Maple
Sunday" will be taking place?

Maine Maple Sunday, which always falls on the fourth Sunday in March is the day when Maine’s maple producers open the doors of their sugar houses for the public to join them in their rites of spring – making maple syrup.

This year Maine Maple Sunday falls on March, 26th.  It's a chance to see firsthand how 40 gallons of maple sap are turned into just one gallon of golden delight you pour over hot pancakes or ice cream.

All of the dozen species of maple trees that are native to North America can produce a maple syrup. However, the Acer saccharum tree, also known as the sugar maple, which grows only in the northeast corner of North America, yields the best quality of color and taste.

The sap has about 3 percent sugar content. When most of the water is evaporated (it takes 40 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup) an amber-colored liquid of 66-percent sugar is the end product. Tapping trees does not harm them when done correctly. Old stands of sugar maples have produced sap for decades without ill effects.

While Canada produces 75 percent of the world's maple syrup and Vermont leads the production of maple syrup in the US, it's in Maine where the sap flows sweeter and the sugar houses are within an easy drive from the City of Portland.

Contrary to common belief, the amount of snow has little to do with maple syrup production. When the frigid winter nights give way to 40-degree temperatures during the day, the sap is at its best quality and quantity for tapping.

Most sugar houses offer free tasting and informative tours with live demonstrations of how syrup is produced from tap to table. Many sugar houses have restaurants and gift shops to visit after the tour of the sugar bush. Many offer a variety of other treats and activities, including syrup on pancakes or ice cream, sleigh or wagon rides, live music and lots more.

Just about every sugar maker offers informative tours of its facilities and some have restaurants and gift shops to visit after everyone returns from the sugar shack.

More farms are extending Maine Maple Sunday to the entire weekend, either because customers are requesting it or because it helps spread out the crowds over two days.

Among sugar houses participating in Maine Maple Sunday on Sunday, March 26 2017, are the following local farms and businesses listed below the video.

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Pingree Maple Products
90 High Rd
Cornish, Maine 04020

Samples of maple syrup on ice cream and demonstrate how pure maple syrup is produced. Our product line consists of Pure Maine Maple Syrup, maple cream, maple candy & granulated maple sugar which are for sale the entire year. Farm tours, school tours restrooms and handicapped accessible. 

Hours: Saturday & Maine Maple Sunday March 25-26, 9am -3pm or anytime steam is rising!
Phone 207-625-8584

Coopers Maple Products
81 Chute Road
Windham, Maine 04062

Maple syrup demonstration all day - see trees tapped with bukets & tubing, sample syrup on ice cream. Walking tour of farm -visit our 28 miniature horses, beef cattle, peacocks, pheasants, and chickens. Maple syrup, candy,maple coated nuts, and maple lollipops for sale. Farm tours, sugarbush tours, restrooms, partially handicapped accessible, bus tours, school tours. 

Hours: March 25 & 26, 10AM- 5PM March 26th Pancake breakfast 9AM- 2PM On Maine Maple Sunday, March 26 Chute Rd is one way traffic only ~ please enter from River Rd.
Phone 207-892-7276

Dunn Family Maple
419 Chicopee Road
Buxton, Maine 04093

There will be maple syrup making, sap gathering, sugar bush tours ( we get busy, so please ask) syrup sales and food. 

Hours March 25-26 from 9-4.
Phone 207-671-4262

Nash Valley Farm
79 Nash Rd
Windham, Maine 04062
Come to the country for everything maple! Visit the sugarhouse, sample warm syrup on ice cream. The country store offers cotton candy, many maple treats, and maple baked beans (packed to go or ready to eat). Explore the farm's tree tapping methods and visit with the animals. Maple products are available self- serve all year. Handicap Accessible, Restroom Facilities.

Hours: Saturday, Mar 25 NOON - 4PM, Sunday, Mar 26 9AM- 4PM
Phone 207-892-7019

Gray Farm Maple
Hilton Road
Denmark, Maine
This sugar house will be up and running and there will be tours of the sugarbush. Farm and sugarbush tours. 

Hours: March 26 10-4 pm
Phone 978-790-1902

Parsons Maple Products
322 Buck Street
Gorham, Maine 04038

Sap boiler will be running all day for maple syrup making demonstrations. Pancake breakfast with our freshly made syrup, served from 8:00 am to noon. Free samples of our syrup over ice cream. Heated indoor seating. Maple products for sale. Sugarbush tours, bus tours, school tours, restrooms and handicapped accessible. 

Hours: March 26, 7am to 5 pm.
Phone 207-831-4844

Harris Farm
280 Buzzell Road
Dayton, Maine 04005
Pancake breakfast made with home whole wheat recipe. Maple donuts, candies, syrup, horse drawn waagon/sleigh rides and Dairy store. Sugarhouse open for viewing Farm and sugarbush tours, Restrooms, Handicapped accessible, School and bus tours. 

Hours: March 25-26, 8AM-2PM. 
Phone 207-929-4088

Dad’s Maple Sugar Shack
1061 Naples Rd
Harrison, Maine 04040
Open this year, both Saturday and Sunday. Small farm and tap about 600 trees with tubing and buckets. Ice cream, and maple samples, maple syrup, candy, cream, nuts, and maple sugar. Farm animals to view as well. Farm tours, sugarbush tours, restrooms, handicapped accessible. 

Hours: March 25 & 26, 9AM- 4PM
Phone 207-583-6036

Sweet William's
66 Spiller Road
Casco, Maine 04015
Detailed explanation of syrup making process and sugarbush tours. Free samples of our syrup on ice cream, baked beans, and fried dough. Maple treats for sale- maple butter, cotton candy, lollipops, popcorn and more. Free balloons and face painting. Pancake breakfast 8-11 am at Crescent Lake Community Hall. Sugarbush tours, School tours, restrooms and handicapped accessible. 

Hours: Open March 26th 9am - 4pm
Phone 207-627-7362

Clark Cole Family
588 River Road
Dayton, Maine 04005

Open house Saturday, March 26- Pancake breakfast in gargage, hosted e are doing a combined open house at Andy's Agway - Pancake Brakfast at our Sugar house from 8 am to noon. A time to learn about "sugaring" & Maple on ice cream. Andy's Agway is located on Cole Farm Road Dayton, Maine 04005. Restrooms available. 

Hours: March 25, 2017 - Saturday 8 am to noon 
Phone 207-284-5019

Visit mainemapleproducers.com for a complete list of Maine Maple Sunday events.

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